Now available in 41 additional international locations, the Amazon Appstore has expanded its global presence to 236 countries and territories. Publishing your Android app on Amazon means you can reach customers from around the world, including those in countries that were previously inaccessible.

Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania

This expansion represents an opportunity for Amazon developers to target new areas in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, including some of the most populous and connected nations in the world. Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Turkey are just a few examples.

Local Restrictions

All apps will not be approved to be published in all countries, based on local restrictions. As always, you should familiarize yourself with any content guidelines or rules that may be imposed by specific governments in the countries in which you select to distribute your apps.

Impact on Existing Apps

For apps that are already live on the Amazon Appstore (or that you are in the process of submitting), distribution to these new areas will be enabled automatically if:

  • You selected In all countries and regions where Amazon sells apps when asked where you would like the app to be available; and
  • The app complies with the local restrictions described above.

As before, you can also fine tune where your app is distributed in each geographic region by selecting countries and territories individually.

More Countries, More Potential Customers

As the Amazon Appstore expands its presence around the world, your potential customer base expands with it. With the ability to publish your Android apps and games to 236 countries and territories around the world, Amazon helps you reach a truly global audience.

Here are the newly added locations (see Countries & Territories Eligible to Shop for Apps for the complete list of all accessible areas):

Algeria Djibouti Kazakhstan Mauritania Qatar Tunisia
Azerbaijan Egypt Kuwait Morocco Saudi Arabia Turkey
Bahrain Eritrea Kyrgyzstan Niger Senegal Turkmenistan
Bangladesh Gambia Lebanon Nigeria Sierra Leone United Arab Emirates
Brunei Darussalam Guinea Malaysia Oman Singapore Uzbekistan
Burkina Faso Indonesia Maldives Pakistan Somalia Yemen
Chad Jordan Mali Palestinian Territories Tajikistan

-peter (@peterdotgames)

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