Publishing apps/mobile games in Indonesia doesn’t just end at the app store. Getting maximum reach and revenue requires a front-to-back solution customized for the market.

helps apps succeed where localization can’t

Publishing Western games in Indonesia requires much more than simply localizing the text into Indonesian. Literal translation is more likely to look like a bootleg Hollywood movie with bad subtitles, and does little to make a apps/game more appealing to Indonesian gamers. With culturalization, we re-work a title’s story, design, and UI (see Solutions at right), customizing the entire game for maximum appeal to the Indonesian market. We even encourage our partners in early development to steer clear of themes which assume deep Western cultural knowledge – or as we call it, the “Who the hell is King Arthur?” problem.

Apps/Game Narrative
Re-work story, theme, and dialog to be more relevant to Indonesian mobile owners.
Experience Localizaton
Customize user interface and experience to better suit local play styles.
Cultural Adaptation
Work closely with developers to avoid confusing or unappealing elements.


demands a full spectrum solution

Western developers who want to monetize their mobile games in Indonesia face a challenging market where most of the rules they’re used to no longer apply. Few Indonesian use international credit cards, preferring local payment systems instead; Indonesia’s gamers rarely pay to download games, and most of them are reluctant to make in-app payments; since advertising revenue in Indonesia is CPA-based, earnings from international ad networks tend to be nominal. This is why it’s so crucial to adopt a full spectrum strategy that optimizes monetization across every channel possible. (See some of our solutions at right.)

Boost In-App Payments
Implement one-click carrier billing for IAPs through Indonesia’s mobile carriers.
Grow Engagement
Integrate titles with Boltplay, PATH’s in-game community SDK.
Optimize Ad Revenue
Federate advertising/offers from Indonesia’s top networks to sustain fill rates and earn top CPM.


in Indonesia’s 250M mobile market

Indonesia is forecast to have half a billion Android/iOS owners by the end of 2013, but that user base is spread out across three mobile carriers and a wide array of handsets, connected to hundreds of app stores, and unreachable through Facebook and Twitter, which are blocked. Worse, Western developers must often compete with copycat versions of their own games. (It’s not uncommon to find dozens of knockoff/hacked copies of the same hit app available for free download in Indonesia.) So reaching the broadest audience possible requires both diversified distribution and aggressive IP protection – see Solutions at right.

Multi-Store Distribution
Publication on Indonesia’s two dozen largest app stores.
Marketing & Cross-Promotion
Promotion on Indonesia’s top media sites and social networks and to PATH′s 40 million+ users.
Knockoff/hacked games removed from top app stores and replaced with legit versions.